Ulcerative Colitis May Be Linked To Missing Gut Microbe

As we all know, Ulcerative colitis, is form of inflammatory bowel disease,  and from recent studies, may be tied to a missing gut microbe. That’s the conclusion of a study published today from researchers at Stanford University in California. The researchers say they discovered that studied participants with ulcerative colitis had a depleted supply of... Continue Reading →


When it comes to IBD, you have probably heard someone mention taking a probiotic. Though that isn't just as simple as saying taking it. There are plenty of different options to chose from, not just different strains, but also different products that have X amount of millions or billions of strains of said probiotic. Today's... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Flax Seed Oil

In a busy world we live in today, it can sometimes be hard to get the nutritional products we need to thrive. Flaxseeds are among one of the best foods that offer omega-3 fatty acids and Alpha-linolenic acid that our body can use to maintain a healthy body. Here are five benefits that flaxseed oil... Continue Reading →

Morning Breakfast Smoothie

Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you one of my smoothie recipes that I use on almost a daily basis. I find smoothies to be a great way to get a lot of nutrients in a quick and easy form. One of the best parts of a smoothie is that everything is blended down... Continue Reading →

The Vagus Nerve Stimulates The GI Tract

The vagus nerve, historically cited as the pneumogastric nerve, is the tenth cranial nerve or CN X, and interfaces with parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. It is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system in the human body. The vagus nerve also has a sympathetic function via the peripheral chemoreceptors. The vagus nerve supplies motor parasympathetic fibers to all the organs (except the adrenal glands),... Continue Reading →

The Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

One of my favorite vegetables to have during the day would have to be a sweet potato. For the longest time I only consumed Idaho potatoes and never really ventured out to trying any different kinds of potato. I mean who doesn’t love mash potatoes?  It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s and... Continue Reading →

The Mornings

I was never a morning person before I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I use to sleep in bed all morning and not have to rush getting out of bed. To be honest, it was amazing to stay under the blankets where it was nice and cozy. Though with Ulcerative Colitis, that has pretty much... Continue Reading →

Food Is Your Fuel

Everyday is a new day for you to pick and choose food that can either help you start your healing process or continue on your downward spiral to bad health. Your body is like a machine when you think about it. You need to be putting in good things to be getting good things out.... Continue Reading →

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